Meet the anti-choking rescue device that saves lives everyday!

22 November 2022
Author: admin

When First Aid and all other methods fail in a choking emergency, LifeVac saves lives.

LifeVac is an airway clearance device (anti-choking device) and is FDA, MHRA, UKCA, and CE accredited.

LifeVac is a non-powered single-patient portable suction device developed for clearing an upper airway, intended to be used in an emergency when standard current choking protocol has been followed without success. The negative pressure generated by the force of the suction is 3 times greater than the highest recorded abdominal thrusts. LifeVac generates over 300 mmHg. The duration of suction is minimal, so LifeVac is safe and effective. No prescription is required.

As of December 2022, LifeVac has saved over 550 lives worldwide!

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